Partnering, describes the way we interact and relate to our fellow officials. Generally, we think of it in terms of what we do on the floor. The following ideas demonstrate a broader vision, one that includes attitude, demeanor, and character. Partnering is a verb and therefore calls us to action.

Partnering is…

1. STEPPING outside of our comfort zone and doing what is right for the situation, our partners and the game.

2. PREPARING ourselves mentally so that the anxiety resulting from the natural fear of failure does not paralyze us but mobilizes us to succeed.

3. MAINTAINING PERSPECTIVE. That the game is not here for us-we are here for the game.

4.ALLOWING our competitiveness to show itself through being the best “I” can be, NOT being better than “you “.

5. RECOGNIZING that each one of us – although we’ve arrived on different paths- we have earned our place.

6. CHECKING our egos to make sure we are not trampling on others.

7. GIVING and RECEIVING feedback professionally and respectfully

8. CELEBRATING, sincerely the success and accomplishments of others.

9. CONTRIBUTING to the quality of other’s experiences because any group or community that works together cannot live in a bubble and be effective.

10. ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves- including our circumstances, decisions and attitude. Who we are and what happens to us is not someone else’s fault. Be a problem solver not a finger pointer.

I would love to take credit for this but it is straight out of the NBA Officials Manual and applies to all levels.

Vets lookout for the younger guys during the tournament. Make them feel welcome and newer officials listen and learn from the veterans. Together we can keep this great fraternity of ours moving forward.